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Send us your photo by email: info@popartportraits.co.uk
You will receive a no obligation quote, along with an email confirming your order, size and material. (Your information will be treated in the strictest confidence)


Call the studio: +44 (0)20 8960 6266
A conversation can often speed things along. Our team will take good care of you, guiding you every step of the way. see ›› how-it-works

Orignial photograph of the Dahm family before:
The original black and white photograph, taken at the beach.
Family portrait of the Dahm family
The finished artwork, can you spot the pet cat hidding in the bushes?


When we take a commission, we take the time to understand the subject. A commisson will often be a gift for a birthday or anniversary, the sort of occasion where photography is not enough. Larger than life portraits tell a bigger story that's amplified and compliments the subject. Our method is to understand the image, its meaning to you, and how best to capture the moment.

Once we have agreed on the commission, there is a minimum two week turn around. In this time, your portrait is transformed into a stunning supersized pop art masterpiece. Our step by step process is outlined in full below.


We first take the care in creating stunning pop art portraits, personalized to your specification. The attention to detail is second to none. First contact the studio: +44(0) 77 88 452 960 or send your photographs by email to info@popartportraits.co.uk. Your enquiry will be treated in strict confidence and involves no obligation on your part.


We send confirmation to you via email, along with a point of contact. Your preferences, size, materials, timeline, and estimated cost will also be discussed.


A final price is agreed, and a 30% deposit is required at this stage. Prices are based on your specification. Prices range from as little as £190 up to £5000.


Once Ainslie works his magic, and the portrait is prepared for production, a final portrait is sent to you for approval. Minor changes can be made at this stage.


The final portrait is authorised. Delivery is within ten working days. Portraits are transported in sturdy cardboard postal tubes to ensure against damage. This allows the package to be sent world-wide safely and cost-effectively. see ›› delivery

As your portrait evolves it becomes clear which material is best for reproduction. To get a better idea of the style and colour you want, take a look at the portfolios ( gallery | special-occasion | loved-ones etc.) where finished artworks can be viewed in situ along with recent works.

Choosing a photograph can be tricky, so we suggest you send your pictures to info@popartportraits.co.uk where they will be treated with the greatest of care. We will then suggest the right picture, and how best to present the portrait. We can also add complimentary backgrounds to better complete the story.

The result is a stunning supersized pop art portrait, impressive and uniquely personalized, ideal for a truly memorable gift.

Original photograph of climber reaching the summit of the Eiger
The original black & white photograph.
Climbing to the summit of the Eiger.
The studio preparing the portrait for framing
Finished pop art portrait ready to be framed.
(3ft x 3ft sq).


The frames are an integral part of the portrait, and compliment the subject. Choosing a frame is a very personal choice, and there are literally hundreds to choose from. If you need help choosing call the studio. Tel:+44(0) 77 88 452 960

For convenience we offer two standard frames, Stretched Canvas or Chrome Kit, both are durable and UV protected. More choice is available from the studio, where we can recommend alternative ideas.

Chrome frame, protective perspex glass. a. chrome kit:
Framed with a durable 2mm UV protective perspex glass front.
Chrome frame, ajustable frame kit. b. chrome kit:
Ajustable frame kit, with a hardwood backing.
canvas frame folded frontside. c. streched canvas:
Canvas frame, folded frontside.
Streched canvas frame, corner fold. d. streched canvas
Streched canvas frame with protective backing.
Streched canvas, 5 foot sq. e. large format canvas:
Streched canvas on constructed wooden frame.


The courier service delivers throughtout the United Kingdom and worldwide. Delivery is arranged on an individual basis as portraits vary in size and weight. Although some forces are outside of our control, we will always endeavour to deliver ahead of time - however we have never missed a deadline yet!

When sending portraits abroad we recommend they are unframed. This makes them much easier to handle and considerably reduces the cost.

Unframed portraits are transported in sturdy cardboard postal tubes to ensure against damage. Additional insurance can be added upon request.

Packages can be safely and cost-effectively delivered all over the world.

Alternativly you can just drop by the studio and pick them up directly from the studio.

All deliveries are arranged upon request.

Rolled canvas packages for transportation.


Celebrate a perfect moment with a unique pop art portrait. An unforgettable gift that lasts forever. A reminder of the perfect day.


Remember great times with all the family, a gift for everyone!


Impress the people you love, with a unique portrait that makes them feel special.


Amazing achievements, incredible people, unusual places. We all have extraordinary stories to tell - what's yours?


Your pets give you unconditional love, what better way to celebrate their loyalty than with a pet portrait.


Celebrity portraits of Joanna Lumley, Twiggy, Carol Ashby (Bond girl), Rupert Keagan (F1 race Driver) Annegret (model), Kaja (model). Sales go to their chosen charities.


Ainslie Tree age 21.

pop art-artist: Ainslie Tree - BA

Ainslie is a classically trained London based artist, specialising in over-sized pop art portraits.

Over the last ten years, he has perfected his vision of giving this iconic technique a unique twist. His over-sized canvases demonstrate a masterly use of colour, with stunning results. His growing reputation has led to commissions from celebrities as diverse as Joanna Lumley and Twiggy.

His cool credentials are impeccable. His artwork resonates with a great sense of provenance and attracts a raft of people from all walks of life, including the worlds of art, fashion, music, advertising and commerce.

“My challenge is to rediscover the beauty of the moment, and celebrate it with colour, style and imagination to create a stunning pop art masterpiece.”


Contact the studio for a consultation, a quote, or to ask any questions about the process.

Our creative team are on hand to work with you incorporating pop art portraits into your interior design projects, whether restaurant, exhibition, office or home.

Pop Art Portraits can do it all.

Call: +44 (0) 20 8960 6266 or email: info@popartportraits.co.uk

Your enquiry will be treated in strict confidence,and involves no obligation on your part.


Clients and celebrities are delighted with their portraits, and have graciously taken the time to let us know. Thank you to all clients for sending in so many endorsements, good wishes and messages.

Joanna Lumley, actress.


I adore the portraits Ainslie did of me using photographs from my career, as Patsy and Purdey, and as myself. I have some as private portraits for my family, and some for charity auctions … and every time I look at them I marvel at his skilful use of colour. Patsy would be rather thrilled too, even though she hasn’t really got a wall to hang them on, as I have. I love them.

Joanna Lumley | Actress

Climbing the Eiger.

“Very happy indeed!”

Thank you again for helping me with my 10 year Anniversary gift! My Husband loved it! Thought they were the coolest portraits. I must say I am thinking of getting one for myself…

Kimberly Digmon | Model

Isabelle Sellers, rider.

“I love the effect”

I always liked this photo, and Ainslie just added his magic touch, that touch of glamour and sophistication.

Isabelle Sellers | Horse Breeder

Karl and Lucinda Watts, anniversary.

“Highly Recommended”

We love our portrait of the two us. Ainslie is very talented and has an excellent eye for colour and composition which makes for a beautiful pop art picture.

Lucinda Watts | Business Woman


Les Trois Visages

Les Trois Visages brings together three artists with three distinctive portraiture styles. Ainslie Tree’s stunning work was a special draw at a private view attended by leading figures in the financial, entertainment and arts worlds.

Les Trois Visage, a Private Bank Exhibtion.

The Black Cat Ball

Charity ball held at the Natural History Museum. Along with the usual prizes, a pop art commission donated at the auction. Proceeds donated to Magic Bus, and Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital.

Black Cat ball

Sunday Times

Not just anybody, how the fit and fabulous stay that way. Included in the promotion, a signed limited-edition pop art portrait of Twiggy, by the London-based artist Ainslie Tree. On sale to raise funds for Barnardo's.

Sunday Times, Barnardo Charity