The frames are an integral part of the portrait, and compliment the subject. Choosing a frame is a very personal choice, and there are literally hundreds to choose from. If you need help choosing call the studio. Tel:+44(0) 77 88 452 960

For convenience we offer two standard frames, Stretched Canvas or Chrome Kit, both are durable and UV protected. More choice is available from the studio, where we can recommend alternative ideas.

Chrome frame, protective perspex glass. a. chrome kit:
Framed with a durable 2mm UV protective perspex glass front.
Chrome frame, ajustable frame kit. b. chrome kit:
Ajustable frame kit, with a hardwood backing.
canvas frame folded frontside. c. streched canvas:
Canvas frame, folded frontside.
Streched canvas frame, corner fold. d. streched canvas
Streched canvas frame with protective backing.
Streched canvas, 5 foot sq. e. large format canvas:
Streched canvas on constructed wooden frame.