How it all started

In the beginning of 2000 a group of Entrepreneurs had a fabulous idea… Open a restaurant for artists to showcase their artwork! Customers could browse the artworks, have dinner, enjoy a cocktail or two whilst deciding on their purchase.

With our roots in commercial art, Ainslie was invited to create the brand, and oversea the the project. He was searching for a concept to promote the bar, and pop art portraits proved the perfect fit. Creating supersized portraits for the owners was just the beginning, and “The Art Bar” grew to be a huge success.

Ainslie’s growing reputation has lead to commissions from many celebrities. His art work resonates with a great sense of provenance and attracts a raft of people from all walks of life, including the worlds of art, fashion, music, advertising and commerce.

Entrance sign to the Art Bar restuaraunt.
The entrance to The Art Bar restauraunt. Knightsbridge, London UK